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Shop of Wonders
All items purchased in the Shop of Wonders with Mayan Crowns are resetting and
non-decay. They also have no trade-in credit value and cannot be refunded.
Items purchased with GOLD in the Shop of Wonders are NOT resetting nor
The Shop of Wonders can be found among the rest of the artefact shops in Delos.
Gifting items from the Shop of Wonders
To purchase an item as a gift for another character, use this syntax: BUY
<item> AS GIFT FOR <person> [MAIL]. If you include 'MAIL' at the end, it will
be delivered via the postal service.
Current Stock
Aeonic Hourglass: 2 Mayan Crowns
- With this treasure in hand, STOP SAND will hide your age and date of
birth from your HONOURS and START SAND will let it show.
Album of Preservation: 6 Mayan Crowns
- Have a slew of images from the Obsidian disc that you'd like to keep
forever? Well now you can, this album will eternally preserve images
kept within it! Simply PUT your photos in the album and they'll be safe
from the ravages of time.
- Holds up to five frozen images.
Badge of Returning: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Attaching this to any collared mount or artefact pet will reduce
the reset time by 50%. (The item is destroyed upon use.)
A brass bait hook: 3 Mayan Crowns
- This hook will return the fishing bait to the owner's inventory in
the event of the line snapping.
A bloodsteel chain: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Wearing one of these chains will increase the amount of life essence that
the owner recovers. This effect applies to the daily recovery of life
essence (assuming you're in the realms).
Bronze Token of Charybdis: 5 Mayan Crowns
- This imbued token will both halve the time required for a SHIPRETURN
and remove the willpower and endurance cost from SHIP RESCUE ME once
per Achaean day.
A chain of black iron: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Wearing one of these chains will increase the amount of karma that the
owner recovers. This effect applies to the karma obtained from studying a
karmic item.
A chain of burnished gold: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Wearing one of these chains will increase the amount of devotion that the
owner recovers. This effect applies to the daily recovery of devotion
(assuming you're in the realms).
A clasp of vocal intensity: 6 Mayan Crowns
- Imbued with power over the wind itself, preventing the owner's voice from
being drowned out in blustery conditions.
Crafter's Folder: 2 Mayan Crowns
- Allow the preservation of up to 50 crafting designs from decay.
- Preserved designs may not be given away, disowned, or unpreserved.
- You may own as many Folders or Portfolios as you like, increasing
your capacity without limit.
Crude Gut Cord Necklace: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Looking to show off your trophies, or just make a stylish, yet gruesome
fashion statement? This is the item for you! Simply THREAD <a shrunken
head or removed ear> ONTO <necklace> and you'll have a lasting memory
of your conquests.
Diamond-tipped Shovel: 2 Mayan Crowns
- This unbreakable shovel will cut the time of DIGging by 50%. This item
will confer no benefits during a treasure hunt event.
Disc of Transformation: 1 Mayan Crown
- Tired of your old stationery kit? Simply place this disc into your old
kit to transform it into the current incarnation of this artefact: the
ebony stationery kit. This item is consumed upon use.
Drop of Yen-Sorte's Blood: 7 Mayan Crowns
- Ingesting this gruesome keepsake of the great battle master will grant
the owner base-level mastery of all current publicly available weapon
proficiencies. This item is consumed upon use.
New Elixirs: 1 Mayan Crown
- Sipping these elixirs will grant a bonus to the consumer for 12 Achaean
days (12 hours) - each vial contains 5 sips.
Elixir of life enhancement - bonus experience
Elixir of the lucky - critical hit bonus.
Elixir of the ogre - strength bonus.
Elixir of the pixie - dexterity bonus.
Elixir of the hunter - constitution bonus.
Elixir of Epicurus - intelligence bonus.
*NOTE: You are purchasing the elixir within the vial. Once the elixir has
been consumed the vial will decay as normal.
Enchanted Pebble: 7 Mayan Crowns
- Possession of this artefact allows the owner to make use of the
continental portals between the Sea Lion Cove harbour (Sapience)
and Rageteeth Beach (Meropis)!
Ethereal Shrouds: 1 Mayan Crown
- The ethereal shroud functions like a Veil of the Sphinx artefact! If
you already own a Veil of the Sphinx, it will boost your veil's
- Once worn, these shrouds will begin to rapidly decay, lasting two
Achaean days from their first wearing.
Falconry Jess: 4 Mayan Crowns
- This stylish thong of leather can be used to accessorise any glove or
gauntlet to accommodate your feathered friends. Included in this is
resetting and non-decay, and the jess is destroyed upon use. To use,
ATTACH TO your choice of handwear.
Golden Desert Drake: 5 Mayan Crowns
- A non-flying legend steed, unique to the Shop of Wonders. Comes
pre-fitted with a Collar of Lupus.
Golden Honeycomb: 9 Mayan Crowns
- DROP this in your grove, and you will be able to HARVEST from your
hive twice as often as normal.
Golden Quill Nib: 8 Mayan Crowns
- Empowered by an ancient Seleucarian enchantment, this item has a
50% chance to copy the current tarot inscription to another blank
card in your inventory.
A grisly carving knife: 6 Mayan Crowns
- This gruesome tool is perfect for fine slicing actions. This knife will
allow you to SLICE EAR FROM <DECAPITATED HEAD> to create a keepsake of
your kill. I hear they make a great addition to any necklace or charm
Incandescent Pillow: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Dropping this luxurious pillow in your bedroom will expand its
capacity, and allow a third person to occupy the bed. Only one pillow
may be in a bed at any time, and only the owner of the pillow and the
bedroom has permission to drop it.
Ivory Peryton: 5 Mayan Crowns
- A flying legend steed, unique to the Shop of Wonders. Comes
pre-fitted with a Collar of Lupus.
Maritime Ledger: 5 Mayan Crowns
- This hardy leather ledger will keep track of the current ship trading
deals at the different ports around Achaea. Simply READing it will
display the desired cargo and rewards for that month.
A mound of glistening snow: 2 Mayan Crowns
- Always looking for your next snowball fight, but found that you can never
find snow in when you want it? Look no further - simply drop this mound
of snow in the room and you'll find you can arm yourself with up to 12
snowballs. Syntax: PACK SNOWBALL
Pitted Ankh: 5 Mayan Crowns
- One can never be too careful with one's identity. This mysterious
artefact will prevent anyone from being able to chameleon the owner when
Pirate's Eyepatch: 2 Mayan Crowns
- Giving this eyepatch to a shipmate will give them a more swashbuckling
outlook on life.
- Usable once per Achaean month.
Polished Skull: 7 Mayan Crowns
- Want to know the location of an adventurer corpse? CARESS SKULL
<person> to find out. Any contact with life energy, however, will
prevent this skull from working. That means if the corpse is being
held by another adventurer, the skull will not be able to find it.
Pumice Soap: 2 Mayan Crowns
- This scented block will ensure that any odorous ailments are quickly
removed. Simply have the soap on your person when you SCRUB. You still
need to be in water to use this soap.
Scrying Bowl: 6 Mayan Crowns
- SCRY FOR <person> while you have this bowl to see not only that
person's specific location, but the area he or she is in as well.
Sigil of Suppression: 3 Mayan Crowns
- When ATTACHed to an artefact, it will hide it from view (similar
to the Orb of Suppression.) If you own an Orb of Suppression, the sigil
will work to reveal the item from behind the obscuring effects of the
Orb. This sigil can be DETACHed from the artefact at any time.
Stardust Flask: 10 Mayan Crowns
- SHAKE FLASK will give the user the starburst defence.
- Can be activated once every three achaean days.
- No need for an open tattoo slot.
Stationery Kit: 1 Mayan Crown
- The kit currently offered is made of ebony.
- This will generate up to five letters that are embossed with your name
and title.
- Only the one whose name is embossed upon the letter may mail it.
Stone Flowerpot: 5 Mayan Crowns
- A new twist on an old favourite, this flowerpot will grow a selection
of 10 beautiful (and different from the standard pot) flowers every
Achaean month! The best thing about this new pot is that it is
customisable! Want new flowers in it? Only one type of flower? Not a
problem! (Contact customisations@achaea.com for more information on
Veil of the Libertine: 2 Mayan Crowns
- We all make mistakes after a few too many darkbrews! Use this
fashionable item to hide any past transgressions to the sanctity of
marriage from your HONOURS. WEAR VEIL will hide your indiscretions from
the eyes of others.
Viewing Glass (lesser): 3 Mayan Crowns
- GAZE INTO GLASS <person> will show you the current description of an
adventurer who is currently visible and scryable.
(This artefact respects artefacts such as the Veil of the Sphinx and
the Orb of Suppression)
Viewing Glass (greater): 6 Mayan Crowns
- Same as the lesser viewing glass, but it will also let you see what the
adventurer is wearing as well! (Also respects artefacts such as the Veil
of the Sphinx and the Orb of Suppression)
Wooden Ocarina: 4 Mayan Crowns
- These instruments are attuned to a particular environment, and when
played, will summon a small wild creature from that biome to follow the
summoner for one hour. Should you lose your companion, just play the
ocarina once more to summon it back to you.
Caves (Underground) - a furry mole.
Forests - a tiny chipmunk.
Breakers (Beach) - a hermit crab.
Deserts - a frill-necked lizard.
Plains (Grassland) - a deer mouse.
Swamps - a green frog.
Jungles - a multicoloured gecko.
Gardens - a small swallow.

Stand of Wonders
Fair drink glasses: 1 Mayan Crown
- These special fair drinks are a resetting, permanent version of the
birthday drinks on sale at the fair! These drinks will refill with 10 sips
[Type MORE if you wish to continue reading. (52% shown)]
[File continued via MORE]
every day at the Serenade.
City Warpaints: 1 Mayan Crowns
- Show your city pride with these custom city warpaints! Each contains (and
refills with) 10 applications of civic warpaint, allowing the following
- APPLY <vial> CITY [TO <person>]: Paint the city name on your forehead
(ASHTAN etc.)
- APPLY <vial> INITIALS [TO <person>]: Paint the city letter on your cheeks
(M for Mhaldor etc.)
- APPLY <vial> ARMS [TO <person>]: Paint the city's coat of arms on your
face (A rampant stag for Eleusis etc.)
City Battle Figurines: 2 Mayan Crowns
- Continue the civic pride with these city-themed battle figurines! As an
additional perk, the winning city of the festivities will be able to
nominate a champion to immortalise their likeness in their city's figurine.
Permanent versions of the games: 3 Mayan Crowns
- A luminous vellum sheet - Encode your missives upon this piece of vellum
and only allow your most trusted friends to read! (TOUCH VELLUM for
details on how to use it)
- A covered cup of dice - Set your target to any day and month, today's
date, or even your birthday and then shake this cup to try your luck!
(READ CUP for details on how to use it)
A petite ceramic urn: 10 Mayan Crowns
- These urns contain the spirits of champion's steeds from across the lands.
- This item will be transformed into a city-specific description when
purchased by a member of a city.
- RUB URN and it will summon one of twelve spectral mounts for 24 hours at a
time. In addition to having a limited mount, each of the steeds can be
ORDERed to GO HOME to carry their rider across the lands to their home.
- Mount possibilities are as follows:
Animal Home
A giant spectral owl Actar
A phantom grizzly bear Bitterfork
A hulking phantom spider Darkenwood
A mighty ghost basilisk Aalen Forest
A phantom ankheg Azdun Forest
A ghost mule Moghedu
A phantom sea turtle Shastaan
A phantom jaguar New Hope
A phantom donkey Delos
A mammoth apparition The Frozen Tundra
A spectral gorilla Dun Valley
A phantom harp seal Sea Lion Cove
Discontinued Stock
Barnacle-encrusted Bucket: 2 Mayan Crowns
- A must for the avid fisherman, this bucket replenishes with up to 50
freshwater bait every Achaean month.
Bottle of Perfume/Cologne: 2 Mayan Crowns
- These scented trinkets allow the owner to SPRAY <bottle> ON <letter>
to scent a letter with its particular fragrance. Perfect for the
aspiring temptress or libertine!
Charcoal Hippogriff: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Legendary flying steed.
- Comes fitted with a collar of Lupus.
Cookie Jar: 1 Mayan Crown
- Self-filling lambent golden jar
- Creates 8 different types of cookie at a rate of 2 per day.
- Holds a max of 5 cookies.
Crafter's Portfolio: 3 Mayan Crowns
- Allow the preservation of up to 100 crafting designs from decay.
- Preserved designs may not be given away, disowned, or unpreserved.
- You may own as many Folders or Portfolios as you like, increasing
your capacity without limit.
Crystalline Vase: 1 Mayan Crown
- This vase comes in three types. Like flowerpots, these vases generate
new flowers. Each vase generates only one flower each, and will not
generate another until that flower is taken out.
- The flowers are unique and not available anywhere else.
* White - pale pink calla lilies.
* Blue - clusters of indigo hydrangeas.
* Violet - amethyst magnolias.
Diamond Pipe: 9 Mayan Crowns
- This pipe is cleverly designed to allow you to get 15 puffs out of any
plant you put in it, rather than 10.
Dragonskin Pack: 4 Mayan Crowns
- These packs hold 200 items instead of 50.
- Never decay and reset.
- It has a lid that can be opened and closed by anybody holding it.
- NOT protected by any special permissions.
Ebony Pegasus: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Legendary flying steed.
- Comes fitted with a collar of Lupus.
Egg (Parquet Wooden)*: 1 Mayan Crown
- This egg can be hatched inside either a walnut, birch, or mahogany
Egg (Mosaic Stone)*: 2 Mayan Crowns
- This egg can be hatched inside either an onyx, sandstone, or marble
Egg (Damascene Metal)*: 3 Mayan Crowns
- This egg can be hatched inside either a bronze, iron, or copper
Egg (Inlaid Gemstone)*: 4 Mayan Crowns
- This egg can be hatched inside either a diamond, garnet, or emerald
Estachian Feedbag: 3 Mayan Crowns
- When attached to a non-pet, non-collared mount, will keep your mount
from starving to death.
- You may order your mount to drop or give the feedbag to you if you wish
to transfer it to a different mount.
- It will return to your inventory if the mount dies.
Fluvian Jar: 3 Mayan Crowns
- Fills with 100 draughts of water when you FILL it at a water location.
- You can use each of those draughts to douse forest fires or scrub
graffiti off walls.
- If you POUR <jar> ON <self/another person> you will immediately remove
the stink affliction, though this will empty the jar in one pour.
Hand Vice: 3 Mayan Crowns
- This magnificent device allows the owner to COMPRESS SHARDS in their
inventory, forming them all into a single larger crystal.
Landstrider's Boots: 2 Mayan Crowns
- Allow for faster transit across all wilderness environments that impede
Obfuscated Crystal Vial: 3 Mayan Crowns
- This vial will refill sips of whatever curative fluid it contains every
Achaean day. Should the vial be empty, a random fluid will seep in!
Obsidian Panpipes: 6 Mayan Crowns
- The alluring call of these pipes will draw more rats to you in non-sewer
urban locations.
- 5 per room instead of 3, like the Bardic Rondo. PLAY PIPES.
Platinum Whistle: 7 Mayan Crowns
- BLOW upon this whistle to call all your loyal entities and mounts to you
at once, even from across planes and continents.
- Excludes Angels, Daemons, giraffe balloons, golems, toboggans, and Icon
Portable Stove: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Allowing the use of the Cooking skill anywhere at any time, using this
portable stove is as simple as drop and cook!
Quartz Crystal Vial: 2 Mayan Crowns
- They never decay, and can hold up to 240 sips instead of the usual 200.
- It will require fewer brewings of elixirs and salves to fill to maximum
capacity than a normal vial.
- There is a 1% chance that it will regenerate a draught when one sips an
elixir or applies a salve from it.
Ram's Horn: 5 Mayan Crowns
- This horn allows you to shout from anywhere as if you were at a public
ram's horn, without the gold cost.
Ruby Hydra: 5 Mayan Crowns
- Legendary steed.
- Comes fitted with a collar of Lupus.
Sacrificial Kris: 10 Mayan Crowns
- Wield this sacrificial blade and OFFER up any denizen corpse to your
favourite Divine when you are not in front of a shrine. You can ATTUNE
it in the presence of any Deity's shrines once per Achaean month.
Any shrine in the same room will take precedence for offerings.
(Can not be used to sanctify or defile)
Shining Feather: 5 Mayan Crowns
- While this feather is in the owner's inventory, the owner has no need
for the levitation defence.
Sceptre of Aqueous Mastery: 10 Mayan Crowns
- Wielding this sceptre, you can part water like a devotion user and flood
a room like a magi.
* POINT SCEPTRE <direction of water>.
Silver Token: 2 Mayan Crowns
- Redeemable to customisations@achaea.com for one custom description with
resetting customisation. Please include the numeric ID of your token
(e.g. token12345) with your email.
- See HELP CUSTOMISATION for details on eligible items.
Stationery Kit: 1 Mayan Crown
- Discontinued versions include olivewood, rosewood, and sandstone.
- This will generate up to five letters that are embossed with your name
and title.
- Only the one whose name is embossed upon the letter may mail it.
Terrin'ukia's Monocle: 8 Mayan Crowns
- This monocle allows you to see ALL secret exits when you are wearing it,
without needing to use any ability.
Trader's Satchel: 1 Mayan Crown
- The satchel will continuously generate a few random commodities.
- The commodities generated could be anything that would normally be
purchased in a commodities shop.
- The Satchel will fill up to 4 total items. And will go from empty to
full in 3-4 Achaean days.
Wyvernskin Pack: 3 Mayan Crowns
- These packs hold 150 items instead of 50.
- Never decay and reset.
* About Eggs and Braziers
Braziers are available at the Shop of Wonders, priced in gold. When you
purchase an egg, hatch it in the appropriate brazier. A bird will hatch from
the egg. (Note: of course, the egg will be destroyed in the process. If you
desire to keep an egg, well, don't hatch it.) The precise mechanics of hatching
an egg are yours to figure out. The birds range from canaries to hummingbirds
to swallows to many more, and the type of bird that hatches from your egg will
depend on the type of brazier you use to hatch it. We'll leave it for you to
figure out the combinations.
The eggs and the birds are for decoration/fun only. They are not meant for any
utility nor combat purpose. If you happen to find a way to use them in such a
way, please consider that a bug and report it using BUG.
As with all artefacts, the birds hatched from the eggs will reset to their
All birds will respond to "Sing, <bird type>." Metal and gemstone birds will
respond to "Fly up, <bird type>" and "Land, <bird type>". Gemstone birds will
respond to "Hop up, <bird type>" as well as "Come along, <bird type>".