24 Mines and Legions
23 < Ships and Seafaring Mines and mining > 24.1
24.1 Mines A quick overview of mines.
24.2 Legions A quick overview of legions.
24.2.1 Assaults Attacking another mine or stronghold.
24.3 Camps Mining camps across Achaea.
24.4 Raw Commodities Commodities from mines.
24.5 Rare Minerals Rare and powerful minerals.
24.6 Mining Tips Making the most of your mines.
24.1 Mines and mining
24 < Mines and Legions Legions > 24.2
Mining is a system unlike any other in Achaea. It is not about you - the
adventurer - heading out into the mountains and swinging a pickaxe yourself.
Goodness, no. You are way too awesome for that.
Since this is a somewhat involved system, we'll start with a summary of how it
works. For further information on the related mining topics, please see
HELP 24 for a list of mining-related HELP files.
1. You now have a Legion, which is composed of squads of two overarching
types: Mining and Soldier. However, until you purchase squads to go in it,
your Legion is empty.
2. Hire yourself, at minimum, one mining squad for your Legion. You may also
want to hire soldier squads for protection. That's up to you.
3. Go find a Mining Camp.
4. PROSPECT within 6 rooms of the mining camp to see if there are any lodes to
be found in that room.
5. Lode types are of 'raw commodities' like iron ore, silver ore, raw bone,
impure ice (See: HELP RAW COMMODITIES).
6. Assuming there isn't another mine already built in that room, you can now
CONSTRUCT a mine of small, medium, or large sizes. The mine's size plays
into how much it will cost to operate and how many squad members can be put
in it at once.
7. Enter the mine.
8. Deploy your squads. The mining squads will immediately set to work on the
9. As they extract the raw comms, they will go into the mine's storage. You
can CLAIM STORAGE at any time while in the mine in order to get those raw
comms into your inventory, at a cost of 1500-4000 gold.
10. Every time you CLAIM STORAGE, the adventurer, if any, who controls the
stronghold in the mining camp will get a bonus of 5% of the raw comms
11. You can use your soldier squads to attack other people's mines and
strongholds, capturing them if you succeed in wiping out any soldier squads
inside them.
12. Your mining squads may occasionally dig up a rare mineral that can grant
(usually temporary) special powers (See: HELP RARE MINERALS).
13. When the mine is depleted, it'll collapse about 10 minutes later,
transferring squads back to your Legion as well as moving anything in
storage to your inventory.
14. You must now convert your raw comms into normal, usable comms. Every
mining camp has a refinery for this purpose (See: HELP RAW COMMODITIES for
more information)
15. There are rankings showing which adventurers have mined the most of each
comm, and a global ranking showing the most accomplished miners. There's
also a global ranking based on the total number of days an adventurer has
controlled Strongholds for. RANKINGS MINING, RANKINGS MINING <comm> and
You find a lode by PROSPECTing the room you're in. One important thing to note
is that after a room's lode gets emptied, another lode will eventually appear
there. If you use the PROSPECT command in a room with a mine already in it, it
will tell you what size of mine there is there, the comm type it's mining for,
the lode size, and the approximate amount that has been mined out of the lode.
It will also tell you how many times storage on the mine has been claimed,
approximately. Note that prospecting costs 100 gold each time you do it.
When you find a lode, it will be of small, medium large, or huge sizes, which
correspond to how many raw comms can be extracted before that lode is emptied.
Lode sizes range from 1500-6000.
When you find a lode you like, it's time to establish a mine:
CONSTRUCT <small/medium/large> MINE
- Small mine : 60 squad members (max. 40 miners)
- Medium mine : 200 squad members (max. 120 miners)
- Large mine : 480 squad members (max. 200 miners)
Mines have costs to establish, of course, and these comms must be in your
- Small mine : 75 iron and 160 stone
- Medium mine : 140 iron and 300 stone
- Large mine : 230 iron and 550 stone
Note that these costs will scale proportionately with how much of the lode has been mined out. So if a lode is
80% mined out, it'll only cost 20% of the above to build a mine on that lode.
Next, you will:
- Only the owner of a mine can enter it via the entrance.
- You'll now be in your mine, which will have a few rooms.
- LEAVE MINE will leave it, as long as you're in the first room in your mine.
You'll pretty much always want to put your mining squads in the final room of
the mine. Your soldier squads could be placed anywhere, but you'll want to
understand how squad combat works (See: HELP MINING ASSAULT).
If you don't deploy any mining squads within 10 minutes, your mine will
collapse, killing you if you're in it (but not killing any squads in it - they
will return to your Legion).
While your mining squads are in the mine, they will be working away, producing
raw comms that will go into your mine's storage. Each raw comm type takes a
different amount of time for a single miner to produce, and the more miners
you have, the faster the mine will produce comms.
Mine and Stronghold Storage
Where do the raw comms that your mining squads produce go? Into your mine's
You can see what's in the storage of your mine or stronghold at any time
you're in it by doing SEE STORAGE.
In order to get them out of storage and into your inventory, you need to be
in your mine and CLAIM STORAGE. This will transfer, five minutes later, the
raw comms in your mine's storage to your inventory. In a small mine this costs
1500 gold. In a medium mine it's 2500, and in a large mine, 4000 gold.
Your mining squads will continue working the mine until you recall them or
there's nothing left in the lode, at which point your squads will return to
your Legion and the mine will collapse. Don't be in the mine when it
Anything in your mine's storage in storage will be transferred to your
Mine Costs
Aside from the upfront costs in iron and wood (see above) to establish a mine,
there are ongoing costs. These costs will come out of your bank accounts, so
you must be sure to have enough gold in your accounts to cover the costs,
which are as follows:
- Every Achaean day, a small mine will cost 200 gold, a medium mine 350 gold,
and a large mine 600 gold.
- 5 gold/Achaean day for every individual miner. There are, in an uninjured
squad, 20 miners to a squad. Soldiers cost nothing on an ongoing basis.
If the system tries to take money out of your bankacccounts and there's none
there, the mine will be destroyed and all comms in it lost, though your squads
will be returned to your Legion.
Make sure you keep enough gold in your bank accounts to cover these costs!
24 < Mines and Legions Legions > 24.2
24.2 Legions
| Assaulting a mine or |
24.1 < Mines and mining stronghold > 24.2.1
The first thing you'll need to do in order to mine or to attack a mine or
stronghold is squads for your Legion. To do this, just find a denizen that is
effectively selling squads. These denizens are the conduit to squads looking
for work. Squadmaster Barakus is the man to see about squads. Barakus can be
found in a mining camp just off the path that leads across the Northern Vashnar
Mountains, eventually going to Mhaldor.
Just BUY <squad> as you'd buy from any other shop. By default, your Legion is
limited to 1000 people, divided into squads of up to 20.
Within your Legion are two types of squads, called Cohorts. There's the Mining
Cohort, which is composed of your mining squads, and the Soldier Cohort,
composed of one of five base types of soldier squad.
Squads have the following attributes:
Cohort : Either Mining or Soldier.
Name : Such as Rico's Roughnecks or Swamp Witches.
Level : Squads start at level 1, and can advance as far as level
10. See below for more info.
Strength : How many people are in the squad. When first purchased,
squads have 20 members.
Squad type : Either Miner or, if a soldier squad, Infantry, Heavies,
Assassins, Archers, Wizards.
Specializations : This only applies to mining squads. Each mining squad not
only levels up as it is in a mine that produces raw comms,
but will start to level up its expertise at mining specific
raw comms as it mines that raw comm.
Squad Levels
As mining squads in a mine produce raw commodities, it and every other friendly
squad in the mine gets squad experience, eventually leading to it leveling up
to a max of level 10.
As mining squads level up, they get a chance to produce commodities faster than
usual. Every squad level adds a 1 percent chance that that squad will
generate an extra comm when it produces one normally.
Further, as mining squads generate commodities they also get specialization
levels in that commodity, and for each specialization level there's an additional 2% percent chance of
generating an extra comm when one is normally produced.
Legion Syntaxes
- List the squads in your Legion.
- Get more info on a specific squad.
LEGION DEPLOY SQUAD <squads1> [squad2] [...]
- Deploy squads in either a mine or a stronghold. You must be in the mine or
stronghold to deploy and you can only deploy in your mine or your stronghold.
- Deploy all of a particular type of squad.
- Recall all the squads in the mine or stronghold you're in, or just the ones
in the room you're in.
- Recall a specific squad.
- Create an army, which is just a way to refer to a group of squads as a group.
LEGION ARMY ADD <army name> <squadid>
- Add a squad to your army, which is used offensively to attack mines and
- Deploy an army a room inside a mine or stronghold.
- Dismisses a squad from whatever army it's in.
LEGION ARMY SHOW <army name>
- Get more information on your army.
- Dismiss a particular squad from your army. It is still in your Legion,
- Dismiss all the squads from your army or from all armies.
LEGION ASSAULT MINE|STRONGHOLD WITH <ARMY <army name>|SQUADS <squad1> [squad2] [...]>
- This is how you assault a mine or stronghold. See below for more info on
Available Squads from Squadmaster Barakus
Note: All squads cost 1000 gold, and start at level 1. The only difference
between squads of the same type (miner, archer, wizard, assassin, heavy,
infantry) is cosmetic.
Miners : Manaran Miners
Infantry : El'Jaziran Dogmen, Dun Infantry
Wizards : Swamp Witches, Dwarven Mages
Assassins: Ganevan Assassins, Colchis Assassins
Heavies : Rico's Roughnecks, Troll Brutes
Archers : Shortbow Archers, Aalen Bowmasters
| Assaulting a mine or |
24.1 < Mines and mining stronghold > 24.2.1
24.3 Mining camps and strongholds
24.2 < Legions Raw Commodities > 24.4
Mining camps are scattered throughout Sapience, these will have a stronghold
and one or more mineable lodes within a 6 room radius. These camps, via the
stronghold within, are able to be assaulted and captured by rival miners (See:
Having control of a stronghold will grant the controlling adventurer a bonus of
5% of the claimed commodities mine within its confines. The controller of the
stronghold will be able to claim these raw commodities via CLAIM STORAGE while
in the camp. This will cost 1500 gold to complete.
Known mining camp locations
Amid the vast Mhojave : Mhojave Desert
Hillside near a lake : Dakhota Hills
Northern Shamtota nearing Pachacacha : Shamtota Hills
Along the southern rim of Pash Valley : Pash Valley
Valley in the shadow of Dun mountain : Dun Valley
Scrubby slope of Siroccian mountains : Siroccian Mountains
The base of the descent into Dun Valley: Dun Valley
Pathway between steep hills : Granite Hills
Through the rolling hills : Granite Hills
Among some small mountains : Southern Vashnars
Into the mountains : Southern Vashnars
Ice Plains : Frozen Tundra
Broad overlook above the fissure : Fissure of Echoes
24.4 Raw Commodities
| Mining camps and |
24.3 < strongholds Rare Minerals (Mining) > 24.5
Your miners will unearth a variety of raw commodities as they work on a lode.
These can then be refined into usable commodities at a later time.
Raw commodities and their finished product
Coal : A piece of coal (No refinement needed)
Carbon : Steel bar (along with one iron ore)
Gold ore : Gold bar
Impure ice : Cube of elemental ice
Iron ore : Iron bar
Platinum ore: Platinum bar
Raw bone : Polished bone
Raw gems : Small gems
Raw obsidian: A piece of obsidian
Raw stone : A block of stone
Silver ore : Silver bar
In any mining camp simply REFINE <x> <finished comm>. For example, REFINE 5
PLATINUM will attempt to convert 5 platinum ore into platinum bars.
Each refined commodity will require a piece of coal to power the refining
process. If you are refining 5 commodities, you will need to have 5 coal in
your hands.
Raw commodities are converted 1:1 to the finished commodity in almost all
cases. The only exception here is steel, which requires iron ore and carbon to
Lode locations
Lodes for the various raw commodities can be found in the following
Valley Hills Desert Mountains Tundra Polar
Carbon x x x
Iron ore x x x x
Raw obsidian x x
Silver ore x x x
Gold ore x x x
Platinum ore x x x
Raw gems x x x
Coal x x x
Raw bone x x x
Impure ice x x
Raw stone x x
| Mining camps and |
24.3 < strongholds Rare Minerals (Mining) > 24.5
24.5 Rare Minerals (Mining)
| Tips for becoming a |
24.4 < Raw Commodities better miner > 24.6
Every now and then, your mining squads will dig up a rare mineral, which are
rumoured to be pieces of the destroyed planetoids Somnustra, Lunastra, and
Noxtra (HELP ETERNAL NIGHT). Certain rare minerals are more likely to appear
in certain kinds of lodes than others (their affinity is listed below), but
they can appear in any type of lode.
- Affinity for gem and gold lodes.
- Increased gold drops from denizens for 1 hour (+40%).
- Discovered by Ahmet.
- Affinity for stone and bone lodes.
- Increased constitution for 1 hour (+2).
- Discovered by Azelhu.
- Affinity for coal and ice lodes.
- Increases rage lifespan (+6 seconds).
- Discovered by Draekar.
- Affinity for silver and ice lodes.
- Increases dexterity for 1 hour (+2).
- Discovered by Laytron.
- Affinity for silver and coal lodes.
- Increases mana regeneration for 1 hour (10%/5 seconds).
- Discovered by Makaela.
- Affinity for obsidian lodes.
- Grants the chance for balance times to be halved for 1 hour (20% chance).
- Discovered by Melodie.
- Affinity for obsidian and platinum lodes.
- Increases experience gain for 1 hour (40% increase).
- Discovered by Proficy.
- Affinity for gold and bone lodes.
- Instantly levels up a squad of soldiers. APPLY <mineral> TO SQUAD <#>.
- Discovered by Qwindor.
- Affinity for platinum and silver lodes.
- Increases willpower regeneration for 1 hour (3%/5 seconds).
- Discovered by Sena.
- Affinity for bone and ice lodes.
- Increases rage gain from attacks (30% increase).
- Discovered by Shunsui.
- Affinity for carbon and gem lodes.
- Instantly levels up a squad of miners. APPLY <mineral> to SQUAD <#>.
- Discovered by Silas.
- Affinity for gem lodes.
- Grants the chance for equilibrium times to be halved for 1 hour (20% chance).
- Discovered by Slink.
- Affinity for gold and carbon lodes.
- Increases endurance regeneration for 1 hour (3%/5 seconds).
- Discovered by Telendrieth.
- Affinity for iron and gold lodes.
- Increases strength for 1 hour (+2).
- Discovered by Valentinus.
- Affinity for platinum and obsidian lodes.
- Increases intelligence for 1 hour (+2).
- Discovered by Verily.
- Affinity for carbon and iron lodes
- Increases health regeneration for 1 hour (10%/5 seconds).
- Discovered by Xer.
| Tips for becoming a |
24.4 < Raw Commodities better miner > 24.6
24.6 Tips for becoming a better miner
24.5 < Rare Minerals (Mining) > 25
1. It's easy to be a miner, but it's harder to be a profitable miner.
2. In order to be profitable, you'll need to:
a. Pay attention to the combination of comm type and lode size when
determining what size mine to put on a lode.
b. Pay attention to the market cost (HELP COMMARKET) of the comm you want to
3. Attacking other mines can be worth it, but whether it's worth it or not will
be a function of how many soldiers you lose taking it, how much is left in
that lode, and how much is in storage in that mine.
4. Since the only way to level up your soldier squads is to run a mine with
them in there, it's important to staff mines with a combination of soldier
and mining squads