You tell Seragorn, "So I want to finally nail down bm, I've always
been pissed at the shitty prep. I've identified there are some
200ish combinations of damage that can be done to a single limb.
I'm not asking you to write code for me, but maybe HOW to write it.
How can I extrapolate out all the different combinations without
writing it down manually (or do I have to write it manually)..."
You tell Seragorn, "And then how do I write something that does
the tests for me, if that makes sense."
Seragorn tells you, "Nah, you dont have to work it out manually.."
You tell Seragorn, "Rough ok."
Seragorn tells you, "BM is all about modifications on a single
formula as I understand it."
Seragorn tells you, "You just need to hone in on that base formula
then work thru the modifiers one by one.. it usually falls into
place pretty quickly."
Seragorn tells you, "So with shikudo, and the theory should apply,
I find the WORST prep option.. so find the stance that has the
slowest prep because the more attacks you give and the more damage
required then the more accurate your formula will be."
You tell Seragorn, "So the challenge comes in because the
different hits add up to different amounts, meaning if the health
of your limb is say "300" and you hit the limb 6 times to break,
that does not mean your hits deal 50, they could all deal 60, but
the last one is the one that puts it over the edge."
Seragorn tells you, "Like dont sweat on things you know for fact,
like legslash does 50% to the other limb, assuming that is a fact."
Seragorn tells you, "Yeah, so you dont count hits, you count % of
limb damaged.."
Seragorn tells you, "I assign the persons max health as the
breakpoint of each limb.."
You tell Seragorn, "Yeah I do the same as what you're saying."
Seragorn tells you, "So currently all your limbs will be 0 of 5783.
You tell Seragorn, "What I'm saying is how do identify precisely
the difference in damage between two hits."
Seragorn tells you, "Then I run a function that calculates the
damage of each attack on that limb, thats where the formulas all
Seragorn tells you, "So when you see a legslash, you get the
legslash value that you calculated on assess, and add that to the
right legs total, if its > health then it broke."
You tell Seragorn, "Right, I do that now."
You tell Seragorn, "And that works pretty well as long as I don't
change stances."
Seragorn tells you, "ALL the logic lives in that function which
calculates the damage for each attack."
You tell Seragorn, "Yeah... hrm."
(Ashtan): Bann says, "Ooooo."
Seragorn tells you, "Yup, so thats where your modifier comes in,
you work out the formula for the WORST attack, thats your base
because its the most accurate."
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "What happened?"
(Ashtan): Chubbs says, "Ahhhhh."
(Ashtan): Bann says, "Load up Lucumi."
(Ashtan): Bann says, "We sailin'"
You tell Seragorn, "Ohhhh hmmmm."
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "Where we going?"
(Ashtan): Akhunaga says, "Can I go?"
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "Yes!"
Seragorn tells you, "You need to accumulate figures for each
attack in each stance for some extremes so you can work out a) the
formulas, and b) the modifiers."
(Ashtan): Chubbs says, "Are the trades good?"
(Ashtan): Bann says, "One of'em is."
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "Which one?"
Seragorn tells you, "Then when you do a legslash you take your
legslash figure, multiply it by your stance modifier and bobs your
(Ashtan): Bann says, "Thraasi trade."
Seragorn tells you, "Uncle even."
(Ashtan): Bann says, "8 glass for 65k."
You tell Seragorn, "Hah."
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "Uh... hrm."
Seragorn tells you, "Ok, so what I do to save me breaking my
formulas over and over.."
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "I need to head to Thraasi then."
(Ashtan): Bann says, "Sail around with me on the Blade, first?"
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "Sure!"
(Ashtan): Bann says, "I'll pick you guys up in Tasur'ke, gotta
bring it down from Colchis."
(Ashtan): Lucumi says, "Why's it up there?!"
(Ashtan): Bann says, "Was supposed to escort Truax back to Tasur,
but she's not been awake when I have."
Seragorn tells you, "Is all my test data I store in a big ass
table.. it looks something like this {[5933]={nervestrike=9,
needle=7, hiru=11, ....}, [9334]={nervestrike=11, needle=9,
hiru=15, ....}...}."
Seragorn tells you, "That way I always have my backlog of test
You tell Seragorn, "Do you have it track the data automatically or
are you manually adding those items to the table?"
Seragorn tells you, "And what I have is a function which I can
pass that entire table to.. which will take the health level (the
table key), pass it thru my function to calculate the formulas,
then test each of the attack values to make sure it will still
break at that number.."
Seragorn tells you, "Im manually adding data to those tables, I
dont trust myself to track that atuomatically."
You tell Seragorn, "Okay perfect Yeah."
Seragorn tells you, "And if you get some bad data in your tables,
its a fucking nightmare to find which and remove it.. or you end
up with faulty formulas."
You tell Seragorn, "Yeah I've been there. So frustrating."
Seragorn tells you, "Its a lot of coding work to setup, but it
pays off, when they modifier all the shikudo formulas I got back
to pretty accurate calculations within a few days, instead of
redoing the many weeks of testing data."
You tell Seragorn, "I made a few mistakes. I didn't do the
calculations in the thousands, for example my arash mainslash
deals 1.656 limb damage and you break at like a total of 9. So
going to rewrite jus to have it be a percentage of their health
Seragorn tells you, "So then if I find someone who breaks early or
late or whatever, I go back over the fight, work out the
combination of attacks that lead to that, and I have a separate
sort of mechanic which allows me to add a group of attacks into
those tables."
Seragorn tells you, "So my test function can apply a combo (like
3*needle+2*highkick) as another form of test."
You tell Seragorn, "I like it."
You tell Seragorn, "Because it should spit out their health total
(or over it or whatever)."
Seragorn tells you, "If I find someone thats wrong, I add their
data, tweak the formulas run the test function until I get a
formula that works for that one and all previous tests."
Seragorn tells you, "Exactly."
Seragorn tells you, "You can also use your formulas to predict
where the boundries are."
You tell Seragorn, "How do you mean?"
Seragorn tells you, "I have a simulator funciton, which will take
min, max, step values."
Seragorn tells you, "So I can write limbtest(attacktype, 5000,
5500, 10) and it will output how many hits to break using that
attack type for each health level in that range.."
You tell Seragorn, "Dude nice."
Seragorn tells you, "So I can see that ok.. needle will go from 9
to 10 breaks at around 5450 health.. and you can find people with
that health to hone in on accurate formulas."
You tell Seragorn, "I'll get there at some point but that'll takea
Seragorn tells you, "In theory you can get accurate formulas by
finding about 8 different health levels, you dont need a million
different tests."
You tell Seragorn, "Ok hmmmm Here's my situation at the moment, I
think. Say mir mainslash deals 1000, and you have 5000 health, but
arash mainslash deals 1001. It looks like mir-mainslash is 20%,
and arash-mainslash is 25%, but it's actually 20.1%... how do you
account for that "overbreak" ?"
Seragorn tells you, "I start by finding the smallest health and
largest health possible.. get someone with 2k, and someone with
10k or more, get those figures.. theyre your extremes.. then find
someone mid range, about 6k.. then get formulas based on those 3
figures.. then work out where your formulas change figures, chose
any one near the middle and hone in on it."
Seragorn tells you, "You wont have that problem as your formulas
get more accurate."
Seragorn tells you, "Because your going to hone your main formula
in to the point where you know the exact health it breaks at."
Seragorn tells you, "And your mir modifier will give you the exact
health the mir one will break at."
Seragorn tells you, "So I also have an isprepped(limb, attack)
function, that needs to take into account modifiers as well."
You tell Seragorn, "Yeah. That'll be rough and dirty at first I
Seragorn tells you, "Its what you to use to a) not break a limb to
early and b) work out when its time to enter finishing sequence."
You tell Seragorn, "Yeah I have that too, though again on much
rougher numbers."
Seragorn tells you, "Yeah, once you get your formulas right they
just work and you can rely on them."
Seragorn tells you, "Makes the offense coding trivial."
Nemesian Imperator Seragorn Rousseau says, "Ok, I think its time
to str spec again and start killing folks."
You tell Seragorn, "Okay I have a ton I can dig in on at least."
Nemesian Imperator Seragorn Rousseau says, "Actually."
You tell Seragorn, "Thanks man."